Dental Implants – Anthony’s Story

At the moment, I’m going through the procedure of having a tooth implant, front tooth. I had several options, but I chose that particular procedure because I’m going to be a grandfather for the first time in August and I’d like to have a million dollar smile if possible. Therefore, that’s why I went for a tooth implant, it’s expensive, but it’s worth it I feel. And everything was explained beforehand, I had sheets of paper via email from Steve, the actual dentist who’s carrying out the procedure, explaining everything, and I had no real issues. And treatment started January this year, and I’m nearly there, it’s nearly done, so all good.

Steve is a great guy, a really nice guy, we seemed to hit it off right away, I’m just relaxed and comfortable. If I want to put my hand up because it’s too much he’ll stop, or he’ll stop anyway and ask me, “Is everything okay?” And I’m engrossed in my music, and I just feel relaxed and comfortable around him. He’s really good, very professional. Savernake is absolutely superb, it’s clean, it’s friendly, very professional, everything’s explained. They’re quite jolly – quite humorous, I have quite a good banter with Steve, my dentist. And yes, I’m very happy, I’m glad I chose them.

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