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Our current fees are listed below. Each patient will receive a treatment plan from their dentist showing fees due for their course of their treatment. Prices for treatment such as implants can vary depending on the individual situation.
You may pay by cash or credit/debit card, either as a single payment before starting treatment, or in stages according to the work completed at each visit.

For New Patients we require a 50% deposit on booking your New Patient Assessment.

Remember that the prices shown are only a rough guide, a full treatment plan will be put together for your individual needs.

If you prefer to budget monthly and/or wish to have peace of mind knowing you can access dental care worldwide we are able to offer most patients to become members of Denplan. Find out about Denplan ›

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These are our fees for individual items of treatment. Prices are stated as of 1st January 2018, we reserve the right to alter our prices.

Price List 2018

Treatment Fee
New Patient Assessment £79
Routine Examination £50
Radiographs – small £15
Radiographs – large £73
Hygienist From £75
Fillings – white From £155
Fillings – silver From £135
Extractions From £118
Root fillings From £516
Crowns From £727
Bridges From £1213
Dentures Upper & Lower From £1097
Partial Dentures From £735
Denture Reline From £147
Orthodontic Consultation with Suzette Mulder Adults £100 Children £50
Emergency Appointment Fee From £75
Emergency Call Out (Out of Hours) From £150
Sedation From £136
Tooth Whitening From £410
Implants Individual assessment provided
Implant Consultation From £142
Inman Aligners From £1884
Invisalign both arches From £2500

This is a general guide to our pricing. Each treatment plan is provided with an estimate so you will know your level of commitment. There are often alternative treatments, which you can ask your dentist to explain. It is also possible to complete your treatment in stages and to spread the cost over a longer period of time.

We also offer Denplan Essentials as an alternative to paying a fee per item. For more details of Denplan Essentials please click here.

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