General Dentistry – Hannah’s Story

“So, the dentist who treated me was Dr Conteh and I was really quite happy with what he did.

Initially I went to him for my molar but historically I’ve had accidents where I’ve had problems with my teeth and I said to him ‘Look this is an issue, they’re kind of gappy, they look like I’ve been chewing on dynamite. How do we fix this?’ and he said, ‘Have you ever considered Invisalign’. So, we had a little chat about that.

But the way in which my first initial appointment was, is he took photos, he took X-Rays and then he gave me a PowerPoint presentation to look through what his suggestions were.  I have never been to a Dentist who’s said ‘here’s a PowerPoint on what we can do for you’ so it was really thorough.

I’m really pleased and so hopefully at the end of this month I’m going to have my Invisalign. The great thing is now I can eat things. So that includes granola, cornflakes and crisps. Previously I couldn’t and it took me about 2 or 3 months to find someone I was comfortable with to fix the problem by this Spanish Dentist. So, I don’t get any pain when I’m eating cold things or hot things. I can’t comment on the Invisalign but I’m expecting great things.

Anyone who is thinking about having treatment here, I would say ‘don’t think about it, just do it’. If you have an issue and you’re not sure who to see I would speak to the Reception Staff and ask them to recommend someone.

So, after having had the treatment with the molar, I said, ‘Who would be the best person to help with my damaged teeth, my gappy teeth’ and they said ‘Yes Dr Conteh would be the best one’. This was great because I already knew him. But I’ve heard great things from loads of other people in the area about all the other dentists so it’s why I’ve come here, why I refer people here and why I still come and have treatment.

Hannah's Projected Results with Invisalign

This Lovely lady first visited our practice back in November 2017.

Our Dentist Steve Conteh carried out a new patient consultation.

Hannah informed Steve that she was unhappy with the appearance of her teeth following a car accident at the age of 12 resulting in trauma to Hannah’s front teeth.

Dental work was previously carried out but as time has past Hannah felt she wished to explore other cosmetic options to regain her smile with confidence.

 Over a few appointments, Steve explained all possible options and procedures with Hannah resulting in a treatment plan designed for a happy ending.

Hannah is already pleased with the inlay placed and the scans of the projected alignment of her teeth with clear Invisalign, the treatment plan also includes cosmetic composite fillings restoring  chipped front teeth and a replacement of a crown to her upper left central incisor made from procera to give a stunning natural finish.

 Hannah is currently mid treatment and looking forward to seeing the beautiful results.

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