Importance of regular dentist appointments

Why should you go to dentist appointments regularly?

Going to dentist appointments every six months isn’t what most people look forward to but is essential for correct oral hygiene.

Going to the dentist regularly can help:

  • Keeping cavities away
  • If plaque is removed in the early stages it can get rid of before cavities destroy teeth. By going to the dentist regularly plaque can be taken of and won’t build up.
  • Taking care of gum disease
  • A buildup of plaque doesn’t just cause cavities and tooth decay, gum disease can also occur. If tartar builds up it can cause an infection which can cause the tooth to pull away from the gums. As it progresses the gum tissue can break then it is officially is gum disease. At this point a lot of surgery would have to happen but if it diagnosed early on because of regular appointments it can be dealt with before it gets too bad.
  • Detecting oral cancer
  • Oral cancer is a very dangerous disease that is hard to detect without regular checkups as not many people, apart from professionals, know the symptoms. Approximately 84% of oral cancer cases can be detected early by a dental health professional.
  • Keeping bad habits in check

Going to the dentist regularly can make sure that your daily routine of oral care and other daily traditions aren’t having a negative impact on you. Your dentist can examine and inform if these habits are destructive for your oral health. Awareness of the effect of these habits are important especially as you may not know impact it’s having.

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