Invisalign – Hannah’s Story

Life before treatment was fine, but I was definitely looking forward to doing Invisalign for a long time. I’ve always wanted straighter teeth, so it was definitely something that’s been on my mind and playing with my confidence before. My first impressions of the staff and the practice were great, I’ve been coming here since I was quite young, so I’ve known quite a few of the staff for a few years now. So when I met Steve, the process was really easy, the first consultation was fantastic, they did really put my mind at ease. My dentist that carried out the treatment was Steve, he’s been fantastic, the whole process was really easy. They were very friendly when I first came in and every week, every six weeks, when I was coming in for my checkups, it’s been really nice to like build a relationship with someone and know that there’s someone who’s really informed with the process and took my mind off of all of my concerns.

Life’s been great after the treatment. I’m really enjoying my new smile. It’s been really fun to go out and socialize, see friends and just have that increased confidence. And yes, I I’m having a great time. When I first saw my smile after the treatment, I was really, really happy, I was giddy like a child when I was walking in before I was getting it off, so yes, it was a fantastic feeling and yes, it was great.

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