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Keep Smiling This Easter with Savernake Dental in Marlborough

Easter at Savernake Dental

Easter, with its range of sweet delights, is the perfect time to start paying more attention to your oral health and registering with a private dentist in Marlborough is a great place to start. For an extremely competitive price, we provide a detailed initial consultation including x-rays before creating a bespoke oral healthcare solution designed to give your teeth optimal function and aesthetic appearance. Savernake Dental offer general and cosmetic dentistry in our spa-like state of the art Dental Practice in Marlborough.

Once you’re registered with Savernake Dental, you will receive our Patient’s Welcome Pack, which details the many different aspects that surround our work. We’ll also ask you to complete a medical questionnaire to ensure that the most suitable treatment can be provided. Our highly-professional team of dentists, orthodontists, hygienists and dental nurses will provide you with the very highest level of care, offering sympathetic treatment and keeping you fully informed about every step of the process.

With kids are looking forward to their Easter eggs and the treats that await them. Whether you’re 2 or 82, Easter sweets can be incredibly tempting. Who doesn’t want to indulge in a piece of a chocolate bunny or have an assortment of chocolate goodies?  However, too much of a good thing can be a very bad thing for our dental and overall health. Too many Easter treats means a lot of sugar that can wreak havoc on our smiles and our dental health.

Here are few alternative Easter treat ideas:

  • Monitor their intake – The longer amount of time chocolate is in the mouth, will produce more acids that cause tooth decay. Oversee your child’s intake of their Easter egg, and give them small pieces that won’t stay in their mouth for long periods.
  •  Trade a chocolate bunny for a stuffed one. Who wouldn’t love a new friend to cuddle?
  •  Parents should avoid gummy, sticky and hard sweets, instead selecting treats that are easier to brush away and gentle to dental work, such as braces. Sticky sweets, like jellybeans, can uproot fillings and the sugar tends to stay on the teeth.
  •  Give your child a nutritious meal or snack prior to digging into to their Easter treats to avoid over indulgence.
  •  How about something to keep your child busy? Fill a basket with puzzles, board or travel games. Games will keep your child’s mind sharp. Best of all, they’re fun for every age.
  • Use brightly coloured plastic eggs that open up (you can buy them from craft shops like HobbyCraft) and place coins and small toys inside each egg.
  •  Give your child a glass of water after eating chocolate. This will help to produce salvia in the mouth, which will help to rinse away any plaque, bacteria and debris. A glass of water also doesn’t contain any sugar, so is the healthiest option for your child to drink whilst washing down their Easter egg.
  • Give them certain foods to clean the mouth – Eating crunchy fruits and vegetables such as carrots, apples and celery stimulates the production of saliva. This is beneficial for teeth, since saliva helps to protect the teeth from bacteria, by helping to break down and wash away chocolate that can become stuck in the teeth. Or you could give your child a small piece of cheese after eating chocolate, as this will help to neutralise the acids that cause tooth decay.
  • Remind the kids that Easter bunny loves carrots. A bundle of fresh carrots or pre-cut carrot sticks wrapped in a decorative bag can be part of an Easter basket. Parents can also hide carrots along with chocolate eggs as part of the Easter egg hunt if you don’t want to overload them with too much chocolate.

Everyone at Savernake Dental would like to wish you a very Happy Easter and hope you enjoy a day of sweet indulgence. Don’t forget to brush, floss and chew sugar-free gum to keep you smiling right through the celebrations.

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