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Many children and young people now own a smartphone or tablet and regularly enjoy downloading and using apps for communication with friends, playing games and listening to music. By making the world a more interactive, personalised place, apps can also be a powerful educational tool, as demonstrated by the fantastic Brush DJ.

It would be wrong to call Brush DJ a mere ‘toothbrush timer’, though it is this function that is at the heart of the app. Fully approved by the NHS, the app plays exactly 2 minutes of music from the user’s device and is designed to encourage brushing for the recommended time, while helpful reminders about such things as cleaning between teeth are offered.

Brush DJ, which was created and developed by UK dental surgeon Ben Underwood, can also be used to set regular brushing, mouth-rinsing, flossing and dentist visit reminders while age-specific, evidence-based information is easily accessible – this information is taken from the ‘Delivering Better Oral Health’ toolkit produced by the Department of Health.

Brushing the teeth is absolutely essential for good oral health and it is especially important for children and young people, whose teeth are still developing. It can sometimes be difficult to ensure they brush correctly and for an adequate amount of time but Brush DJ makes the whole process enjoyable and interactive, meeting the needs of the contemporary child. Establishing a healthy dental routine at an early age is the best way to avoid problems in the future and this mobile app is a fantastic way to start.

You can find and download the Brush DJ app absolutely free of charge from the App Store or Google Play.

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