Orthodontics Patient – Eloise’s Story

I wanted this treatment because I wanted more confidence and I wanted higher self-esteem. I was very insecure about my teeth to start off with, because none of them sat together at all, so it was the confidence thing really. My first impressions was everyone is lovely. Everyone is just so lovely and understanding and patient with any worries that you have. They make sure they do the job perfectly and they take their time and they give you loads of options and routes to take with your orthodontic treatment. So it’s definitely something I’d recommend to anybody who wants to do it or are too scared to do it.

My thoughts on Denise is she’s lovely again and she’s so patient with me. She includes me in what she’s doing, so she’ll hand me one of the appliances and she’ll let me help at the same time. So it’s just like an easy process. So she’s really, really good with everything.

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