Regular Checkups – the Sister’s stories

“I think that the dentists are very nice because they are looking after us and making sure we are looking after our teeth.

When I first got here with my sister we felt worried and then once they did it, I felt much better.

I think other people could come here because the dentist is much friendlier. I will say there is nothing to worry about – they are just counting and checking your teeth and seeing if you’ve been brushing them.

This brilliant Selfie was taken by the girls on mum’s phone whilst she was having her turn in the chair.

These fabulous girls now aged 5 and 7 have been patients of Savernake Dental since March 2017. They jump in the chair every 6 months on a family appointment to have their teeth counted and protected with a fluoride varnish.

They have beautiful healthy mouths and we enjoy catching up with them, Maddie and Elisa are always happy to fill us in about school, hobbies and holidays.


Mum’s written testimony:
“The girl’s absolute love coming to the dentist especially to see Karan he’s so fun and friendly! I love the way he gets them involved. Maddie and I struggle with anxiety so it’s nice to feel welcomed by you guys. I’m glad we switched to Savernake dental!”

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