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Vicki is in her 20’s and disliked the way her upper front teeth leaned backwards. In addition the lower front teeth were biting so tightly against the inner surface of the upper front teeth that dental enamel was being worn away. We corrected the angle of Vicki’s front teeth using Clarity Advanced brackets for the upper teeth and Victory series metal brackets in the lower arch. After around 18 months we achieved our aims of a comfortable safe bite and  beautiful dental alignment. Now Vicki has retainers bonded to her which don’t show as they are on the inside. Retainers are very important to keep this great result safe.

Photographs courtesy of Dr Denise Taylor.

This young man (BD) was in his late twenties and wanted to improve the appearance of his prominent upper front teeth. The upper front teeth protruded over the lower front teeth by 10mm ( this value is normally 2-4mm). There were also spaces between the upper front teeth. All these factors are shown on the pre-treatment photograph.

We used upper and lower fixed orthodontic appliances to move the upper front teeth back and close the spaces between them. In addition all the upper and lower teeth were placed in to well aligned positions. This is all demonstrated in the post-treatment photos.

Treatment was completed in just under 12 months and was faster than expected. The excellent co-operation and appliance care given by BD was a very important factor in this successful outcome! 

Photographs courtesy of Dr Denise Taylor.

This had it’s may challenges due to the patient being less compliant with wearing the aligners midway through treatment.  The thing I really like about Invisalign is the complete control over all of the treatment prescription and the ability to tweak the treatment as much as you like at no additional cost until the patient is happy. This reflects the fee that comes with the patient’s using Invisalign. I find it is really important to have the ‘stern conversation’ with the patient as soon as you suspect any kind of non-compliance with treatment.

After this conversation she admitted to not wearing the aligners to prescription for about 10 days while she was on holiday.  Fortunately we were able to bring it back under control and achieve a straightened result we are both happy with. fixed wire retainers placed upper and lower 3-3 with clear retainer to go over the top. Now she just needs to whiten and the results will be great!

Photographs courtesy of Dr Steve Conteh.

Catriona had orthodontic treatment when she was younger. She noticed her front teeth had become more crowded than before. Steve informed Catriona that this is something that occurs often, whether or not orthodontic treatment has been provided. The crowding would have continued to worsen had nothing been done about it. Invisalign was a great way to straighten Catriona’s teeth in just 7 months. Whitening (included with the Invisalign treatment) also helped to brighten the teeth too, while still keeping a natural appearance. At the end of Invislaign treatment Catriona actually felt like she was going to miss wearing the aligners because they became such a comfortable part of her routine!

Photographs courtesy of Dr Steve Conteh.

Patient didn’t like the appearance of her lower teeth, due to crowding in this region. She attended a consultation to discuss options available for straightening her teeth and chose to have Invisalign.

Photographs courtesy of Dr Steve Conteh.

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