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Before And After Photos

Teenage female patient – embarrassed by very prominent upper left canine and crowded dental arches – treated with  upper and lower fixed appliances. No teeth extracted and great result.

Used conventional metal straight wire brackets for this case. She wanted coloured modules ( rings) and wanted them to show!

Photographs courtesy of Dr Denise Taylor.

There were many components to getting this smile just right. This lovely lady has an accident when she was younger damaging her front teeth. She was never happy with how they looked, or the gap between the
front teeth.

She came to see Steve having seen a few dentists before. Once the back teeth were healthy the aesthetics were addressed.

This lady had Invisalign treatment to correct the position of the teeth and close the gaps. Tooth whitening to improve the colour. Composite bonding to improve the shape of some her teeth. A new crown on her front tooth to match the improved colour.

Quite a journey, but all worth it to get a beautifully natural result!

Photographs courtesy of Dr Steve Conteh.

Hannah disliked the colour of some of her teeth and the gap between her front teeth. She saw Steve for a cosmetic consultation where they discussed all of her options and came to an agreement on what was most suitable for her. Hannah was even able to see a preview of what her teeth would look like with gap closed before treatment started. Hannah completed 2 weeks of home whitening. Steve then used cosmetic composite resin (white filling) to carefully close the gap and give an aesthetic result that Hannah loves.

Photographs courtesy of Dr Denise Taylor.

Invisalign, whitening and composite bonding with Steve achieved this beautifully natural result.

Photographs courtesy of Dr Steve Conteh.

Invisalign and whitening with Steve perfected this lovely lady’s smile, just in time for her son’s wedding!

Photographs courtesy of Dr Steve Conteh.

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