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Examples of work all provided by one of our dentists Steve Conteh.

Smile Broken
Peter broke his front tooth in a very unfortunate accident. He came to see one of our dentists Steve as an emergency to try to fix his front tooth. Peter was very grateful that Steve was able to restore his front tooth that day. Steve used cosmetic composite resin (white filling) to achieve this result that blends in well with the other teeth

Image provided by Steve Conteh.

Smile Fixed

Susan had not seen a dentist for many years due to anxiety. Many of her teeth and gums were not healthy. Susan saw hygienists as well as Steve who were calm and patient with her. Gradually Susan’s dental health has been improved significantly. Many of the top teeth had a hopeless prognosis so these were replaced with aesthetic dentures. Susan was able to overcome her anxiety of going to the dentist, by seeing Steve, and never thought she could have these results. Susan is delighted she can now smile, speak and chew far better than she could before without any discomfort or embarrassment.

Image provided by Steve Conteh.

Gap Fixed

Hannah disliked the colour of some of her teeth and the gap between her front teeth. She saw Steve for a cosmetic consultation where they discussed all of her options and came to an agreement on what was most suitable for her. Hannah was even able to see a preview of what her teeth would look like with gap closed before treatment started. Hannah completed 2 weeks of home whitening. Steve then used cosmetic composite resin (white filling) to carefully close the gap and give an aesthetic result that Hannah loves.

Image provided by Steve Conteh.

White Bonding

Ben was unhappy with his smile as he wanted to show more teeth when he smiled and he wanted his teeth to be whiter. Ben came in asking for veneers to improve his smile.
Due to Ben’s age Steve advised that veneers may not be the best option for him. Steve and Ben talked through multiple options and weighed up the risks and benefits of them all too. After many discussions they agreed on whitening and cosmetic bonding to improve the appearance of Ben’s teeth. This meant no drilling of Ben’s teeth at all while still being able to achieve the results that Ben wanted.
Ben is so happy with the results as he has always been self conscious about his teeth and he now feels like a new person who is much more smiley with his friends and family. Steve is delighted he could provide this change for Ben with no risk to his natural teeth.

Image provided by Steve Conteh.

Smile Whiten
Correct Teeth

Hayley wanted to improve her smile by whitening her teeth. She also had an old filling on her front tooth which had been there for a very long time. This old filling would not change colour if Hayley whitened so they agreed that replacing it would be a good idea after whitening. Hayley completed some home whitening for 3 weeks. Steve then used cosmetic composite resin (white filling) to replace the old filling. Hayley is happy with the results.

Image provided by Steve Conteh.

Correct Teeth

Chris came to see Steve as a new patient. Steve found decay on Chris’s back teeth [left image]. It transpired that Chris frequently enjoyed eating jelly babies which stick to top of back teeth and had caused tooth decay here. After detailed advice on how to reduce Chris’s chances of getting tooth decay, Steve removed the decay and restored these teeth with composite resin (white filling). These teeth are now disease free and look very natural.

Image provided by Steve Conteh.


These old veneers had some discoloured edges and Gemma wanted them replaced. Steve replaced them with new veneers that blend in with the other teeth and look natural. Gemma is very happy with results and they are far better than she thought they could be.

Image provided by Steve Conteh.

Teeth Whitening

Sophie had noticed her teeth get darker over the years and wanted them to be whiter and brighter. She came to see Steve who assessed her teeth and advised that home whitening would be the best option for her. Sophie completed 3 weeks of home whitening to get the whiter brighter teeth that she wanted. Sophie was ecstatic her son had helped her improve her smile and Steve was relieved he did not disappoint his mother!

Image provided by Steve Conteh.

Teeth Restoration

Karen’s medical history unfortunately led to her having quite unhealthy teeth. Karen wanted her smile back and wanted it to be white and bright. There were many obstacles with regards to Karen’s health that made her care challenging. Karen and Steve worked together to produce the smile that Karen always wanted. Her grandchildren no longer make fun of her teeth which Karen is very happy about.

Image provided by Steve Conteh.

White Filling
Teeth Restoration

Gillian came to see Steve due to the short sharp pain she was getting on biting on her back tooth. It was preventing her from eating on that side of the mouth. Steve examined Gillian’s teeth and found the tooth [image left] causing the problem with some special tests. Steve diagnosed a crack in this tooth under the old filling. Steve advised that the treatment of choice for this particular tooth is an onlay (half crown). Steve restored this tooth with a strong ceramic onlay that protected this tooth and blended in very well with the other teeth. Gillians is now pain free and can now eat with confidence on the left side of her mouth again.

Images provided by Steve Conteh.

Tooth Crown

Colin disliked the unsightly metal margins on his old crown [top image] and wanted to know what could be done about it. Steve advised that this crown could be replaced with a metal free crown to achieve the aesthetics Colin was looking for. After the process was explained Colin was happy to go ahead with treatment. The crown was replaced and Colin is very happy with the result, so Steve is happy with the result.

Image provided by Steve Conteh.

home teeth whitening overnight formula

Zoe had a wedding coming up in Italy! She wanted to spruce her teeth up for the big day to have those wedding photos looking just perfect. Steve again recommended a specific type of home whitening overnight for Zoe. Zoe was able to achieve the results she wanted in as little as 2 weeks! Steve is happy with the results for Zoe creating the beautiful smile Zoe wanted for her big day.

Image provided by Steve Conteh.

Solomon Tooth whitening results achieved

Unfortunately Solomon managed to damage his front tooth playing football. It needed root canal treatment and this resulted in the tooth turning quite an unsightly colour. Sadly this is a common, unavoidable occurrence following root canal treatment. Solomon came to see Steve on recommendation to explore the options to improve the appearance of his front tooth. Steve suggested a very specific whitening protocol for Solomon to whiten his dark tooth only. In 5 days these were the results achieved. Truly fantastic. Steve recommended Solomon continue whitening to get the results to be absolutely perfect but Solomon was more than pleased with this result and chose not to go for perfection. A dramatic improvement nonetheless!

Image provided by Steve Conteh.

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